Program Strategy

Five steps to success 
1. Discovery
A strategic review of the objective or opportunity. Key decisions are made with regard to target audience and choice of incentive program.

Incentive Program Strategy 

2. Program Plan Development
Development of a detailed rules structure and awards matrix, specifically designed to meet the objective, and rigorously tested with our clients.

Incentive Program Development 

3. Launch and Communication
Building excitement and awareness of the program to increase participation and success.

Incentive Program Communication 

4. Seamless Execution
We employ every aspect of our experience, skill and wisdom to delight the award-winner. We deliver on-time, on-target and on-budget.

Incentive Program Execution 

5. Measurement
It’s how we know we’re achieving the goals. Qualitative and quantitative analyses are measured to continually plan for success. Return-on-investment models are aligned with final performance.

Incentive Program Measurement