What Will Motivate My Audience?

employee recognition programs

United Incentives works with you to answer and design a strategy that is viable, clearly executed, and delivers results. Every person is different, every situation is different, every company.....is different. At United Incentives, we want to know who you are, where you're coming from, and help you identify and use the kind of incentives that will work for the unique people you are targeting. We build a motivational program through consultative analysis and skilled, integrated execution. Our process includes:

  • Discovery - Assess what your performance goals are, and gain an understanding of your audience.
  • Program Plan Development - We work with you to define the proper rules structure and appropriate awards matrix, specifically designed to meet your objective.
  • Launch and Communication - An informative discussion about how we can build awareness and maintain and enhance excitement throughout the program.
  • Seamless Execution - Over 25 years of delivering high quality incentive programs is our assurance that the execution and management of your program is skilled and delivers results.
  • Measurement and Data Analysis - Qualitative and quantitative analyses are employed to continually plan for success. Return on-investment models are aligned with final performance.

We listen, learn, and lay out a custom crafted program that is right for your company's situation and performance goals. We believe there is always a way for incentive programs to be custom created or restructured; always a way for your audience to have their reach exceed their grasp. Give United Incentives a call today to find out how we can help you.