Customer Loyalty Community


A major building products manufacturer asked us to create a digital community where their contractor customers get rewarded for purchasing product and have access to exclusive promotions and business building tips. A major challenge was to provide a method for contractors to report purchases using fax and digital applications that would immediately capture and validate purchases and award points. With their point earnings the participants could then access a diverse reward mix that would motivate them to participate in promotions and increase their product purchases.


United Incentives modified an existing points based platform to include all elements of the customer community.  To take into account the spectrum of the member's computer abilities we developed both an email portal and a fax OCR interface for reporting purchases.  Points were awarded when the contractor members submitted their purchase invoices on the platform. United Incentives created exclusive contractor promotions quickly and easily through our Promo Builder tool which can segment promotions by groups, regions, and territories. The platform also incorporated product knowledge videos and training materials.  United Incentives audited each promotion that was part of the ongoing loyalty program and provided live customer service to all program members to help with any promotion questions.


What Happened

For the first time in the manufacturer's history this program allowed the manufacturer to capture purchase data by contractor and the selling independent distributor. Using a digital community environment this solution attracted not only their biggest customers but an untapped "weekend warrior" contractor audience. This program was first in the manufacturer's category and it produced $150 million in incremental revenue in year one.  Overall promotion participation and program registration increased by 122% and the program generated a 1.37% cost of sale overall.