Dealer Travel Incentives Case Study

Channel Marketing


The world’s leading manufacturer of custom window fashions needed to drive their dealer fabrication channel to sell a broad selection of product at a rate that would escalate incremental business above their business plan target. Despite the company’s dominant market share, the marketplace was seeing an influx of off-brand products positioned as commodity values for consumers.

Dealer Travel IncentivesDealer Travel Incentives


Dealers purchased from specific Fabricators and ranged in size from interior designers operating from their homes to dealers with multi-store locations.

The Manufacturer’s objective was to drive incremental sales through their Fabricators and generate loyalty to those Fabricators.


Our solution was a three-tiered incentive travel program aimed at the target audience of nearly 8,000 window fashion dealers in America. Seven different destinations were selected to offer participants choices within their qualification levels. Smaller dealers could choose from three-day vacations in Mexico and the Caribbean, medium-sized dealers had a choice of five-day land or cruise vacations and very large volume dealers chose from exotic trips including Europe and Hawaii.

United Incentives designed, promoted and delivered these travel programs, and created seven different destination specific sets of promotional materials to promote them. Additionally, over 100 pages of web content were created to inform the guests of every aspect of their travel reward with links to helpful sites.

What Happened 

According to the Manufacturer & their Fabricators, this program has grown to be the most effective part of their marketing program. The program has been essential in driving incremental sales and increasing Fabricator and dealer loyalty.