Distributor Sales Promotion



A leading building products manufacturer asked us to develop a tool to engage their distributor sales people who are on the front line of interaction with their customers.  The manufacturer wanted to gain approval from their independent distributors to communicate with their employees by driving them to a website where they could receive product education and training in an engaging digital environment. 


United Incentives developed an industry first B2B sweepstakes game with an education component in a desktop, tablet, and mobile environment.  United Incentives created gaming elements such as public leader boards and real-time scoring so the distributor sales people could track their status in the game and compete against each other.  The sales people earned bids for completing product trivia questions which they then could apply to 12 different prize pools of their choosing.

What Happened

The manufacturer can now interact with and market directly to a brand new community of distributor sales people. The manufacturer successfully used the platform to educate and engage this new community of distributor sales people with approval from their independent distributors and learned which media device is most effective to reach each audience member.