Flooring Industry Executive Testimonial

Results define success, not tenure. However, when profitable results are delivered over two decades of a business relationship, that is the mark of an invaluable strategic partner.

For over 20 years, my leadership role in sales and marketing at Allied Signal, Honeywell, and Shaw Industries allowed me to work with United Incentives on a host of programs driving behavior and profitable growth in the floor covering industry. Ranging from award winning incentive travel for targeted affluent entrepreneurs to industry first influence programs for thousands of retail sales people. United Incentives combined their industry acumen, aspiration psychology, and program execution excellence to deliver favorable ROI consistently. Over those two decades, the industry experienced massive consolidation, shift of power, and changes in technology. United Incentives not only kept pace with this unprecedented change, they helped my company "see around the corner" time after time to win versus our competition.

What separates United Incentives from other providers I have worked with is their ability to make memories of a lifetime for their program participants. Different things motivate people. At the end of the day, it is the favorable memory of a trip or award that drives the behavior beyond the incentive period.  This is how we beat the competition.  The marketing halo benefit for a program paid for in the past allowed us to continue to get sales lift and maximize our investment.

In the words of Loretta Lynn, "you have to be first, best, or different." United Incentives strove for all three with each program.

-Mike Leary, Director Sales and Marketing