Retail Sales Loyalty Case Study


A premium nylon carpet manufacturer wanted a way to drive consumer retail and builder/designer sales of their nylon branded carpet through a retail salesperson loyalty program.

UI Action

Our goal was that the reward be desirable, the earning threshold achievable and that the sales redemption process be easy and paperless. We wrote the rules, created the marketing materials and continue to track and audit thousands of sales invoices on monthly basis.

Retail Sales Loyalty

A debit card incentive program was developed that rewards retail salespeople in monthly $100.00 increments on their card. We created a customized online portal which gives retail salespeople access for enrollment, account information updating, sales reporting, viewing progress statements and FAQS. The website also provides integrated online product knowledge quizzes for points and style bonus promotions to continually drive them to the website. Seamless back-end reporting including 1099 tracking offers pinpoint program administration and custom report views based on specific information need. Field managers have access to territory sales data to help them merchandise the program on a store-by-store basis. There is also a trained and dedicated staff managing program calls, live chat and email inquiries.

What Happened

United Incentives launched, managed, and evolved this program since 1991, and as a result it is the longest running incentive of its kind in the industry. This program engages over 10,000 salespeople in the USA and Canada. It continues to influence sales and maintains salesperson's loyalty to the brand. The manufacturer views this program as a significant sales driver and marketing arm toward the success of their brand.