Why Online Registration Is Critical For Travel Program Management

online and mobile registration

Executing group travel arrangements, with all the necessary pieces in place, requires expertise and coordination. Employing the latest communications technology is key for ease of guest registration, and providing real-time data to manage their travel experience effectively. United incentive's group travel philosophy sets the standard for online registration and mobile registration.

Each registration includes client and trip-specific information with customized tabs to quickly and consistently deliver trip content to your guests. A thorough, step-by-step registration process will accommodate multiple education or touring tracks, capture needed guest information, and provide a credit card processing portal for optional tour payments. All data is processed by our proprietary database management system, with completely customized system reports made available to you in Excel or CSV formats.

We also provide the latest native apps for your travel program. These contain itinerary-specific materials, everything from agenda to venues to participant reports to system and program updates on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Smartphones. When it comes to one of the most important trips of your customers or employees life, let us take care of you from liftoff to touchdown. Contact United Incentives today.

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