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A B2C Solution in a B2B World

Everyone loves being online for the ease of shopping for anything they want, reading relevant content and integrating their social media with everything they do. Yet in B2B reward platform that experience never translates.

Podium-mobile_rspThe RewardsHub platform performs like the consumer interactive experience your participants have come to expect, accessed on whatever mobile platform they engage in - desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone. If there is a screen, RewardsHub is accessible.

RewardsHub features include:

  • Dashboards illuminating real time transactions, mobile everywhere
  • Integrates social networking inside the program and to external social media as well
  • Includes Education, Training, Quizzes, Videos
  • Gives rewards you want, from airline tickets to merchandise to branded debit cards
  • Delivers rewards locally and globally


RewardsHub – Simply Delivered


The RewardsHub SaaS points-based platform and rewards is tailored for these programs:


Program Data That’s Immediate and Accessible



With interactive real-time dashboards your users always know their points balance, rewards redemption history, and where they stand against other participants.

Administrators stay up-to-date on all information from user performance to reported sales data. Plus all dashboards deliver information in easy-to-read views.




Makes Reporting Sales and Verification Easy

Your target audience is busy with their business so if the sales submission process is complicated or time consuming, many just don’t bother to do it. This is an excellent opportunity for distributor channel programs. RewardsHub gives participants a simple and quick online way to input sales or purchase information and upload supporting invoice copies. This sales reporting data capture and invoice back up gives you complete information for auditing verification and program reporting.


Integrates Social Media and Training To Build and Educate Your Customer Community

Building a strong customer community engenders loyalty. RewardsHub social media capabilities integrates with your own social media presence or external social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., so the dialogue never stops. Research has shown that how the recognition is provided is as valuable as the actual reward earned. Users have access to training, product information, videos and anything else you want them to have to keep them focused and excited about your brand. Training videos can reside in the native site or on public sites like YouTube.


Allows For Your Custom Branding

Your company spent vast intellectual and monetary currency to build your brand and the last thing you want with your incentive program is to have the visual equity lost when your participants access the rewards site. RewardsHub's simple administrative controls allow you to customize the look and feel of the platform for consistent company branding.


Reward Variety and Redemption Just Like A Consumer E-Commerce Site

Participants use their RewardsHub points to directly redeem through actual retailer sites booking airline flights, hotels, rental cars, event tickets, the latest Apple products, clothes, furnishings, electronics, jewelry, grills, golf clubs…basically everything! Points also get them prepaid or reloadable Visa cards and retail store valued gift cards.


It’s always your choice to fill the program with unlimited reward options or curate it to select merchandise, cards, as well as including your own company store of products.

Make the mix as big or small as you like and tailor it to your particular audience making rewards relevant, enticing and motivating.


Rewards Delivery Across the Country and Around The World

RewardsHub makes it easy to reward remote workers globally. Their points are converted to local currency and used at their country specific retailer sites making rewards culturally relevant and locally accessible. This also saves on international shipping costs because rewards are sent in their own country.


RewardsHub – Simply Delivered


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