Gift Card Mall- Instant Reward Gratification

Lose the plastic, remove the shipping costs, and eliminate the fulfillment time from your reward programs. Our online Gift Card Mall is a seamless and streamlined gift code redemption award vehicle.

Gift Card Mall

Reward Redemption:

The program participant selects the gift card they want, places their order, and a gift code is immediately generated for the receipient to use right away at the merchant of their choosing.  They can apply the code during the check out process on the merchant website, download the code to their smartphone, or print out the code to use for an in-store purchase.


Gift Card Mall Benefits:

  • Easy to adminster
  • Turn-key rewards program
  • Instant reward redemption
  • Immediate participant gratification
  • No shipping costs
  • Program particpants can choose the reward that is meaningful to them
  • Merchant choice can be segmented geographically
  • It's a GREEN reward (no paper, plastic, fuel used)


The RewardsHub Gift Card Mall makes it easy to reward for the following programs:

*Incentive *Recognition *Channel Partner
*Loyalty *Referral *Employee Engagement
*Wellness *Safety *Call Center CSR
*Consumer *Dealer *Service or Anniversary