The Promotion You Choose Determines The Customer Engagement And Response

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United Incentives’ works with you to build powerful promotion programs that deliver sustained customer engagement and the product awareness and referrals you need to drive incremental sales. The market leader in sales promotions, we provide added value or incentives in order to stimulate immediate sales. Into every consumer promotion program, we:

  • Attach product promotion to an immediate purchase in the context of the selling environment and customer interaction.
  • Use custom-designed promotion techniques that build brand loyalty and/or create product awareness.
  • Identify and select the correct sales promotion for your audience such as coupons, rebates, trade-ins, loyalty programs, contests, and sweepstakes, to name a few.

Leveraging our long history and experience in the incentive and reward industry, we know how to help differentiate your company from your competitors. Let our consultants in on your process and overall vision; we'll help you increase sales, create product referrals, and enhance product awareness.