How Do You Capture Customers Online And Sustain Brand Engagement?

Interactive Marketing Games

Where is advertising and marketing headed in the online world today, and how does it affect sales promotions, employee engagement, and customer loyalty? When it comes to identifying with a brand and encouraging loyalty and achieving one-to-one marketing, online interactive gamification is where it's at. We help you engage existing customers in micro-targeted ways online, and take advantage of this popular medium in helping target new customers in the same space. We assist you in figuring out the results you actually want from the game itself and people's interaction with it, then manage the implementation and process of it all.

So what is an interactive marketing game, and how can it help? Gamification makes reinforcing critical work behaviors and learning fun, fast and urgent. United Incentives works with you to custom design these games, in a way that is easy for you to manage and provides media access for your audience to play the game on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Our customized interactive games provide real-time metrics from an easy, password-protected, behind-the-scenes dashboard interface, as well as through our full-suite of reports. We also manage all aspects of the prize-fulfillment process, including purchasing, winner's notification, verification, awarding, and distribution.