What Do My Salespeople Really Want?

Sales Team IncentivesFinding the right motivation, incentive program, and rewards system for your sales team can be a tricky challenge that often involves taking a step back and looking at your organization as a whole. Choosing the right incentive (e.g., tangible, experiential, or cash-based) makes the difference between zero growth and increased revenue, by motivating your sales force with rewards that are tailored to them. United Incentives helps you choose the right incentive programs for your sales team.

These essential guidelines comprise the decision-making process for motivating your sales force:

  • Create believable and achievable results based on business analysis and sales goals.
  • Monitor sales person performance and choose the reward vehicles that will motivate your audience to achieve their program goals.
  • Provide your salespeople with the ability to achieve rewards that are meaningful to them.

Creating Lifetime Experiences And Memories

It has been said that to travel is to be changed. For your top performers who have 'been there and done that', we create global travel experiences that create memories that will last a lifetime. Only through a comprehensive knowledge of travel, travel logistics, and dedication to your company's culture and mission can a successful trip covering all the important variables be managed. For over 25 years, United Incentives has developed those processes and creates custom travel programs tailored towards high-performing salespeople with dramatic results for our clients. We incorporate your corporate culture into our events to make a positive, lasting impression for your guests.

One Platform, Thousands Of Rewards

Our RewardsHub platform is online software that is tailored to your unique incentive program. Salespersons can go to the site to redeem a variety of relevant rewards, including store-specific gift cards and merchandise. In terms of rewards methodology and incentive program management, it is a robust and turnkey system through which you can meet and exceed your sales goals, measure performance, establish a community, engage salespeople, drive profit, and strengthen customer relationships.