Customer Promotions

 Custom Create Targeted Promotions that Enhance the Customer Experience.

Announcing RewardsHub a brand-new turnkey online sales promotion system exclusive for manufacturers or distributors. 

Listening to our customers led us to develop a system that electronically validates and processes claims for sales promotions.  This allows for the reduction of administration and processing fees and allows you to spend your promotion budget where it matters most on your customers.

Here's What RewardsHub can do for you:

  • Segment and Target Promotions Regionally
  • Easily Manage Consumer or Distributor Rewards
  • Give Instant Reward Gratification to your Audience
  • Eliminate Paper and Mailing with Email and Fax Submisison for Rewards
  • Easily Validate all of your Promotion Claims
  • Provide Limitless Reward Options
  • Load Product Education Content
  • Communicate Exclusively with Participants
  • Create Promotions On-the-Fly