Logistics For Group Travel: Every Angle, Every Contingency

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United Incentive's travel logistics cover every aspect of trip planning, all the way from conception to management and execution:

  • Procuring, maintaining, and provisioning the material, personnel and facilities.
  • Operations: a program manager, guest coordinator, transportation and technology
  • Specialists tasked with mapping out and optimizing the guest experience.
  • Careful reviews of all program elements and simulations of participant experiences, with an eye toward possible unintended consequences.
  • The most creative and effective ways to communicate the program features, benefits, and deliverables to guests, suppliers, and contractors.
  • Prepared in advance, a contigency manual addressing all procedures and consequence management.

Our job is to think of everything. From the travel program announcement through to your guest’s return home, we are skilled managers of extraordinary travel programs, that deliver lasting memories and extraordinary results for you.