Why Wait For Your Rebate?

Rebates: Sales and Purchase Verification

Rewarding customers or consumers for purchasing behavior is a common practice. Yet how it’s done, and how long people have to wait, is changing. Filling out a rebate form to get $25 back on your appliance six months after purchase can create an unfavorable reaction to your brand. Why not opt for an online rebate verification system, which significantly increases your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by getting rebate reward points in their hands quickly?

Using a unique online system we call RewardsHub technology, United Incentives has developed an online rebate platform that employs a scalable infrastructure with dynamically expanding rewards that are meaningful for the end-user. Our experience in rebate verification systems and brand loyalty programs serve as a one-stop shop for motivating your audience and building lasting customer loyalty. Our turnkey customer rebate programs enables full and fast verification of customer purchases:

  • User-friendly program interface includes a full suite of customized reporting tools.
  • Rebate reward points are awarded within minutes of processing. Points can then be redeemed for pre-paid debit cards, retail gift cards and merchandise.
  • Reduces promotion administrative fees and eliminates mailing and postage for rebates.
  • Streamlined online process allows for key customer and consumer data to be captured.
  • This system has reached home furnishings markets, information technology companies, building material manufacturers, and many more.

We bring 25 years of experience to rebate, loyalty, reward, and incentive programs, customizing and administering state-of-the-art incentive and rebate programs for corporations nationwide.