Online Sweepstakes And Contests: Everybody Wins

Online Sweepstakes and Contests

In this fast technological world, your audience is experienced in online shopping, playing games, and entering contents through the convenience of their smartphones, tablets and desktops. Offering custom online sweepstakes programs to your customer is immediately adaptable and engaging.

Since sweepstakes give customers and/or employees a chance to interact with your brand in a unique way, United Incentives takes a total service approach to providing sweepstakes campaigns:

  • We help you obtain the necessary legal clearances required in order to implement the sweepstakes.
  • The sweepstake or contest is developed in such a way as to be easily promoted across a wide variety of social media channels and all mobile platforms.
  • We facilitate and manage the prize fulfillment in any program we create for you.

Stimulate your total brand experience with a dynamic sweepstakes promotion or contest that engages your customers. Let us deliver an online sweepstakes program that works, and fits you perfectly.