Full-Service Incentive Marketing Company

Nestled in the heart of Philadelphia, we are a full-service incentive marketing firm specializing in moving people to action using creatively planned and seamlessly executed incentive programs.

What makes us unique?

  • Our multilingual team is comprised of men and women that are specialists in their respective fields to ensure that you are always communicating with an expert on your program.
  • Our candid communication will take into account the program that you envision while keeping the primary focus on what's best for your company.
  • The strategic exclusivity that we practice in our business guarantees that if you are our client we will not work with any of your direct competitors.
  • Genuine dedication to your company and its wellbeing is important to us, so we invest in your company stock as a part of our profit sharing plan to further demonstrate that your success is our success. Plainly said, we put our money where our mouth is.


We began over 35 years ago as an advertising agency, creating calls to action, moving clients’ products and services by “inventing desire.” The primary tools we used were print, radio and television.

Over time, we evolved into a full-service incentive marketing firm; in 1984 we became United Incentives and the evolution was complete. Our original strategy of “inventing desire,” of moving people to action, remains the same. Our tactics changed from print and electronic media to innovative reward systems.

We energize your brand, distribution, loyalty, sales and employee morale through creative and strategic incentive and recognition programs.